Portuguese craftsmanship is a hidden treasure, infused with tradition and history.From ceramics to textiles, leatherwork to silverware, Portugal is filled with unique artisanal talents, unfortunately often isolated and without specific support. At ODILE, we have developed partnerships with these artisans to create contemporary collections by reinterpreting their ancestral know-how.

Traditional Ceramics

Traditional Portuguese ceramics are famous worldwide for their elegance and meticulous craftsmanship. From colorful azulejos adorning building facades to finely decorated tableware, Portuguese artisans have perpetuated this tradition for centuries. Each pattern tells a story and reflects the cultural identity of the region.
At ODILE, we have explored this expertise through a limited edition of decorative appliques for interior and exterior use.

The Art of Portuguese Textiles

The Portuguese textile craftsmanship is a blend of ancient techniques and contemporary innovation. From intricate embroidery to vibrant tapestries and the renowned wool weavings from the Serra da Estrela region, Portuguese artisans proudly preserve their textile heritage. Portuguese textiles are not only beautiful but also demonstrate exceptional quality and durability.
At ODILE, from the beginning of our journey, we have created a colorful collection of wool cushion covers, 100% woven on traditional looms, as well as rugs and tapestries.

Leatherwork and Reed Craftsmanship

Leatherwork and reed craftsmanship are other captivating facets of Portuguese craftsmanship. Skilled artisans transform these materials into stunning handbags, blending tradition, modernity, and design.
At ODILE, we have developed a line of reed bags, 100% woven on ancient looms. Each bag is adorned with accessories made from upcycled leather from Porto's leather factories.

In conclusion, Portuguese craftsmanship is a true cultural treasure that should be celebrated and preserved. Through their passion and talent, Portuguese artisans perpetuate centuries-old traditions by creating unique pieces that reflect the soul of Portugal. At ODILE, working with these artisans, visiting their workshops, and discovering new creations of local craftsmanship is an integral part of our DNA.

Moreover, through these partnerships, we contribute, on our scale, to the preservation of these artisanal wonders while helping to sustain professions that unfortunately tend to disappear.