Inspired by traditional Portuguese blankets - or Mantas - used for centuries by shepherds to protect themselves from the cold while guarding their herds, ODILE has revisited this vast heritage to create a limited edition of colourful cushion covers.
The hand weaving process is time-consuming, requiring thoroughness and patience, which sadly leaves only a very limited number of weavers across the whole country. It actually takes 1 to 2 days to weave 1 meter of fabric depending on the pattern.
Drawing on a historical archive combining more than 600 drawings and dating back to the nineteenth century, the variety of our patterns and colours has been carefully selected to reflect the beauty of the eclectic Portuguese landscape - from deep blues, fresh greens to shining bright yellows.
All cushion covers are hand-made with 100% organic wool and available in 3 sizes: 50x50cm, 65x65cm and 40x65cm