ODILE was the name of my grandmother, my greatest source of inspiration. Her life-long philosophy of “Less is More”, developed through the tough times of World War II, is continually respected in our approach to design.
I remember so fondly my visits to her Parisian apartment, where I would spend hours watching her sewing a Liberty-printed bolero, knitting the most stylish mittens or creating a magnificent jewelry box out of recycled paper.
So Merci Mamie, you are my true guardian angel!

With a lifelong passion for vintage, art and travel, we collaborate with like-minded artisans and designers on joint projects and capsule collections, creating unique pieces which reflect this nomadic and expressive spirit. 

Since we love spontaneity, every now and again, we will launch thoughtfully curated items under the ODILE COLLECTIVE label - homeware, lounge wear, jewellery, etc... 

So stay tuned, chill-out and enjoy our journeys!