We make a conscious choice to produce ethical collections. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do as we try to reduce our environmental impact on the earth:

  • we use only natural and organic fabrics & materials
  • we work with as few intermediaries as possible between the creative process and the end-user to create a transparent brand
  • we do not use any plastic to wrap and pack our products
  • our hang tags use recycled paper and recycled ink
  • our labels are made of 100% cotton
  • our white silk wrapping paper is acid- and chemical-free



All our cushion covers are 100% hand-woven by two skilled Portuguese artisans carrying on the legacy of the loom and its ancestral weaving techniques.

  • Depending on the pattern, it takes the weaver 1 to 2 days to weave 1 meter of fabric.
  • Made exclusively from wool sourced from sheep in the mountains of northern Portugal, the fabric is spun into yarn and then woven on a rudimentary traditional wooden loom.
  • All our cushion covers are sewn by our so-called “the terrible two”, who are quite bold and can't be told to relax, even at 70+ years old ! Instead, they keep themselves busy, happy and proud to present to the world the delicate and colourful craftsmanship of Portuguese hand-weaving.
  • We work only with limited batches, so that each item is a unique piece out of maximum 40 pieces -  depending on the total length the artisan can weave. Each item is numbered on the paper hang tag.


All our bags are made of organic reed. It takes about 6 to 10 hours to craft each bag, hence each one is unique, each perfectly imperfect but all of them beautiful!

Reed grows organically in various parts of Portugal but mainly in the Alentejo region, where no pesticides, fertilizer or pollutants of any kind are used. We then let nature take its time, following a 100% hand-made process:
  • Firstly, the reed is harvested from the fields
  • It is then bathed in the sun for weeks to dry until its colour changes from dark green to a natural beige
  • After a thorough cleaning, natural dyes are applied and left to dry naturally
  • The reed is then ready to go on the loom and be woven according to the selected design